The installation piece Amniov has been produced for the 8th Biennale of Contemporary Art of Melle, in France. In response to the architecture of the Villiers wash-house, several translucent silicone membranes are placed on the old stones of the building, under the water of the Béronne river. The beauty of the original stones is revealed through the transparency of the skin-clothes, recalling the large white sheets washed there by the washerwomen. The continual stroke, the tedious effort of washing the clothes by hand, spreading impregnated fabric into liquid, gesture that left a powerful imprint on the basin’s stones. Every day a metal beam suspended to the ceiling vibrates for a few seconds, and a powder runs down through scar-like slits. The powder transforms into a natural lubricant when it touches the water, increasing the interactivity of the piece, inviting people inside the water for a hypersensitive connection. The powder is a personal creation, 100% biodegradable and natural, made of compounds used in food and cosmetic products.

Amniov, 2018, installation, 8th biennale of Melle