Les portes de Septembre

Les Portes de Septembre is the second performance I did in my installation Amniov for the 8th Biennale of contemporary art in Melle. Each project corresponds to one powder : Amniov is lubricant, la Grande Lessive is ashes, and les Portes de Septembre is charcoal. Investigating the medicinal properties of activated charcoal, absorbing toxins and poisons, this black powder and liquid is present throughout the whole performance. The audience is invited to go down in the water and meet Défense tactile in its silicone dress. The tactile encounter of the two hands is happening inside the thick liquid charcoal, in a still and silent moment. Les Portes de Septembre has been performed the 7th of September, day of my birthday, and refers to different gates that we open inside our lives, coming back to ourselves in cycles, and offers an opportunity to face and change them.

Les portes de Septembre, 2018, performance, 8th Biennale of contemporary art of Melle