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Amniov is a site specific installation made for the lavoir de Villiers for the 8th Biennale of contemporary art of Melle, directed by Frédéric Legros and Chloé Hipeau-Disko . I was honoured to be invited to do a project for this event alongside artists such as Christodoulos Panayiotou, Ali Cherri, Ghada Amer, Peter Vermeersch or Yoko Ono. Bespoke silicon sheets were created and immersed in water, like ghostly skin-clothes, evoking the use of wash- houses and their political and social role in the life of a village. A biodegradable lubricant powder is falling from a steel beam suspended on the ceiling, which regularly turns the surface of the water into a mysterious slimey membrane, for a tactile and visual experience. The installation proved to be succesful in the biennale, soon becoming a popular meeting point in the town, offering an accessible and joyful encounter with contemporary art

Full size pictures by Origins Studio.

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