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"Septuplet is a site-specific contemplation on the notion of Touch as “a limit and a spacing of existence” (Nancy, 1992). Lacking entry and exit, it is an areal reality of the finite deferred matter and the infinite maximal existence. This spatiality is a floating beyond the fainted real; a departure towards a new domain – a radiant splendour: de-composed, dis-placed, dis-embodied, dis-persed. There is no before or after, but only a way of being here - in the there of the here, in the where of nowhere. Within this glorious depth, the Corpus-world stretches towards the pre-signified and pre-conceptualised promise of the intercorporeal we-world. "   Olga Tarasova

Curated by Olga Tarasova, invited by Philip Levine and Andreia Costa, at the Smallest Gallery in Soho, London

"Rooted amongst a convoluted mesh of London’s foundational energy of ‘capitalist-meets-kitsch-subculture’, Kreb’s work can be found in the heart of Soho, exhaling an enigmatic breath of life onto the stale souvenir and erotic shops running adjacent from the display." Amber Lunt, extract from How Art Can Nurture Radical Urban Immersion

Full article on Trebuchet Magazine

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