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Guérit-tout is a site specific installation commissioned for the Triennale Art & Industrie in Dunkirk. The 2023 edition, Chaleur humaine, focuses on energies and ressources. After working with photosynthesis and plants, I am thinking of light as a source of energy. But without the vegetal, I am faced with the frustration of not being able to access a direct connection with light, but rather a merely symbolic and functional relationship with it.

My installation is located in the Chai, an abandoned industrial building of monumental proportions, in which I installed disused marine lights, once used as trafic lights for boats on the North Sea. The functional lights are now working as guides for lost souls. Many uranium glass pieces are visible throughout the space, hidden in glass tanks, or immersed in a basin of infiltrated rain water.

The installation resonates with the voice of an opera singer, articulating sounds related to marine lights, alarms, and love.

The Triennale is directed by Keren Detton, Frac Grand Large, Sophie Warlop, LAAC, and curated by Anna Colin and Camille Richert, assisted by Henriette Gillerot. Guérit-tout is supported by Association l'Art Contemporain,  Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque and Phare et Balises.

Photos by Martin Argyroglo.

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